Hormone Replacement – Flushing, MI

Our hormones affect almost every aspect of our health and wellness. But when a person’s hormone production declines or becomes out of balance, serious health complications can occur that dramatically impact quality of life. Both men and women can suffer from the effects of hormone imbalance. Weight gain, a decline in energy, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, painful sex, thyroid issues, and osteoporosis are just some of the conditions associated with hormone deficiency.

Menopause is the most common cause of hormone imbalance in women – while “Low T” (decreased testosterone) is very common among men as they get older. At Flushing Wellness and Aesthetics we now offer BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets that naturally replace the body’s missing hormones – restoring health and vitality at any age.

Dr. Vijay Naraparaju is a certified provider of BioTe® time-released hormone pellets -the  safest, most natural and convenient type of hormone replacement. Tiny BioTe® pellets are inserted under the skin in a simple in-office procedure. These pellets then continue to release all-natural bio-identical forms of hormones  – such as estrogen, and/or testosterone – consistently balancing the body’s hormones.

If you live in Genesee County or the greater Flint area and you would like to get your hormones back in balance, schedule a consultation today. Dr. Naraparaju will be happy to discuss the benefits of BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement pellets with you at Flushing Wellness and Aesthetics, so you can restore your health, energy, sex drive and overall quality of life.